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Lighthouse point Air Conditioning Service, Installation, & Repair

Lighthouse Point, the name says it all, named after the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, which is located in Hillsboro Beach, incorporated in 1956. The city name dates back to 1906 when the famous lighthouse stood guard over the inlet.  Population of 10,344 that inhabits 2.4 square miles, 4.58% of this city is water, approximately 18 miles of waterways.  This small town has about 20 acres of parks and mini parks; these facilitate community activities such as bike riding, walking trails and the nature of the city. The city has little to none vacant lots and manages to maintain its upper class economic standing. For all ages young and old, Lighthouse Point provides the friendly ambiance of a self-sufficient, flourishing, and proud Community.

Lighthouse Point AC Repair

  • Prompt, professional, and reliable AC repair in Lighthouse Point.

Lighthouse Point AC Unit Installation

  • AC unit installation and replacement in Lighthouse Point.